Consultation Service
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Personal consultations will be available for public on Sundays. Please make an appointment in advance by contacting the temple. TEL +1 626 455 0077 FAX +1 626 455 0556
Guiding the path for wondering Buddhist
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Seek Your heart. Find the Path
Pray to God of the Year
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Pray for peace and prosperity to the God of the Year. (Renew Yearly) Chinese New Year has arrived. According to ancient sayings, people born in the years of Dragon, Dog, Ox, and Sheep are advised to seek the blessing from Annual Earth Guardian Protector this year. Waken Temple provides the daily praying for thos...
Praying for ancestors
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In the shrine of Ksitigarbha Buddhisattva, we provide daily offerings, chant sutra and mantra everyday dedicated to the spirits. People are suggested to register for this praying for their ancestors.
Prosperity Praying Candle
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As stated by Sutra, by lighting a candle in front of Buddha it will help to enlighten one's heart and also brings good luck. Waken Temple offers: Love and respect relationship blessing: the candle will be lit in front of the Bodhisattva of Maha Cundi. Well known for her blessing of love and respect, the blessing w...
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